Patient Stories
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Replace aortic valve
Aiden Covert
Dr. Arthur DeBoer
Bill Madden
Charles Cosgrove
Dick Pooley
Earl Morrison
Harold Rowley
Jack Eade
James White
Dr. Joe Phillips
Kenneth Dunjohn
Tom Price
Replace mitral valve
Earl Morrison
Mitral valve repair
Barbara Marsini
Brud Bavera
David Chesky

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Patient stories

We’ve gathered some of our most compelling stories from patients who have successfully undergone heart valve surgery. Read on to find out how these individuals overcame tremendous obstacles and are living healthy, active lives with the help of Edwards Lifesciences innovative heart valve products.

Years after she was diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse, Barbara Marsini had her valve surgically repaired. Learn how this mother of five was able to return to her active lifestyle.
Barbara's story